Need. To Survive.

These are things funny or touching or outrageous that help me to survive the every day that is my life.
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How much of this till I throw up, ya think?

I did something today I never thought I’d do. I ordered groceries online and had them delivered. There are some weeks that I just need help getting basic life things done, between work and kids’ practices, etc.

Groceries. Delivered to my door. (And they don’t charge for delivery on orders over $100!!) It makes me ridiculously happy.

This is an accurate depiction of my home life.


Snow rollers dot a lot in Akron, Ohio. The snow balls form naturally when high winds push snow across a hill (Photo by Michael Chritton/Akron Beacon Journal/AP via Washington Post)

These are all over around here. They’re crazy looking.


I’m terrible at fostering. How do you not want to keep this?

This is my newest foster. Lookit her. Just look.

A child dressed for snow play, some errant gloves, an ice cream sandwich pillow and an empty bottle of brandy. An accurate depiction of my Christmas Day.

My niece got in some trouble last night. Apparently a Santa confessional was in order.

My dad made this. And left it on my porch today. Best dad ever.

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