Need. To Survive.

These are things funny or touching or outrageous that help me to survive the every day that is my life.
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I’m terrible at fostering. How do you not want to keep this?

This is my newest foster. Lookit her. Just look.

A child dressed for snow play, some errant gloves, an ice cream sandwich pillow and an empty bottle of brandy. An accurate depiction of my Christmas Day.

My niece got in some trouble last night. Apparently a Santa confessional was in order.

My dad made this. And left it on my porch today. Best dad ever.

A contract concepted, written and executed by and between two 10-year-old step-sisters(ish).

Normal, right?

It’s totally normal to cry uncontrollably twice per month, right? On the first full night your kids go to their dad’s house? Twice per month for the last six years???? I seriously need a life.


Conversation with my 10 y/o following a sleepover at our house:

Me: Thanks for cleaning up all the blankets and pillows, babe.

10 y/o: Yep.

Me: Hey, if I open that closet in the hallway, are blankets and pillows going to explode all over like in the cartoons?

10 y/o: Yep.

The fuck? 14 year olds are terrible.

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